The Painterly Response to My Art
My creation process initially involves creating a multitude of paintings, instead this time I am finishing my artistic creative journey, of my final year at University by creating paintings. 
Geometry and light have been the overall theme for the last two semesters as a result of becoming mesmerised by the art created in the 1960s. Due to the diverse outcomes created using light to emphasise a shape or to alter the space my art exists within, allowed for a multitude of readings and historical references that link to my art. 
Referencing Malevich, Mondrian, Stella and Newman, my painting has taken inspiration from their utilisation of shape and colour. My painting (right) is a response to their artwork and to my sculptures. The shapes are in relation to my sculptural forms that will be exhibited at the degree show. Using translucent colours relates to my printmaking. My printmaking was based off of my tangled sculptures. The aim was to represent the dispersal of light evident around my frames by using primary colours that allowed for extra dimension and depth. 
Creating this painting was difficult due to the necessity to get everything accurate and straight. Relating to creating my shape sculptures inspired by the Minimalist movement during the 60s. Evident within the picture, some lines became wonky and slightly untidy. Untidiness of the lines is a result of removing the masking tape before the paint had set.
Barnett Newman
Piet Mondrian
Kazimir Malevich
Frank Stella