The Importance of Shadows
Throughout my experimental installations and gallery visits, shadows have become a very important part of experiencing artwork for myself.
The shadows are representational of a variety of beneficial detailing for sculptural work. 
Dimensionality-  Shadows that appear within my art, typically evident when the light is projected upwards, creates a three dimensional element.
Illusionistic- Shadows have the potential to manipulate a sculptural form in how it may appear. Creating an overlapping multitude of shadows alters the space and confuses the reflective form of the sculpture.
Illustrative- A very key element to the realisation of my installation for the degree show is the picturesque wall mural created by the shadows of the frames on the surrounding walls.
Immersive- The mural of shadows creates the illusion of being immersed within a space. Similarly to the technique used with creating an installation of purely coloured light.
Without shadows, my installations would have no importance. Using light has allowed for the integration of shadows that adds a painterly narrative to my sculptures. Inspired by the exhibition, Suspension (2018) where the artworks were spotlighted from above, creating shadows that angled downwards on the wall creating a three dimensional print of shape.