37 Queen St Colchester
Switch was an exhibition that displayed six varying ways of resolution and technique in a rectangular glass space of three-dimensional luminosity. Pottered around the room were objects uniquely handcrafted by each of the six artists displayed to integrate with the rectangular structure’s walls and window sills. Leaning, balanced, suspended, tilted and tangled each object was displayed differently but characteristically shared an uncanny resemblance to each other. Each piece different in terms of craftmanship yet emphasised a theme of shape whilst utilising a primary colour palette with the odd hint of light blue, pink and varying shades of green. An exhibition made with the purpose of immersive experience and conscious composition planning allowed for the access to weave through the art work-triggering motion sensor lights whilst on the trail through the geometric haven.
A display viewed internally and externally conjuring a dichotomy of experience based on how the work is viewed. This diverse allowance of perspective allows for more of an appreciation for the artwork. You’re quite literally seeing it from all angles. (No geometric pun intended)
Photographs of the exhibition (below) taken by Luke Sanders (2019)