Olivier Malingue 2018
The artworks exhibited within this exhibition are hanging sculptures from 1918-2018. The artworks  were minimal in detail and presented a consideration more for the shape and materiality of the objects, opposed to pictorial detail. The sculptures detailing were highlighted more within the shadows that were created by the suspension of the objects.
The small gallery presented works within a singular grey room, and each artwork was spotlighted from above. Alexander Rodchenko's, Hanging Spatial Construction No.11 (1993 edition), was the most unique artwork exhibited. The complex detailing of the assesmblage of tangled frames, created a nested projection that bled into the walls contours. The artwork slowly moved if somebody walked passed. This interaction allowed the sculptures shadow to become kinetic, moving like a kaleidoscope. 
The curator, Matthieu Poirie said, ''What these sculptures lose in inert mass, they gain in transparence, balance, structure and sometimes even in physical mobility, with regard to the “mobiles.” This aesthetic stems from a renewed relationship to the spectator, to the circulation of the gaze via structures no longer opaque but opened up and, consequently, sensitive to their immediate environment: that is to say, to the spatial parameters of the setting hosting them.'' Although each piece is different, all were were exhibited in unison, a series of suspended sculptures creating the perfect composition of history. 
Lampshade, Man Ray
Hanging Spatial Construction No.11, Alexander Rodchenko
Pluie Rouge, Yves Klein (Left) Saiph, Artur Lescher (Right)
Hangende, Max Bill
Pendule Magnetique, Vassilakis Panayotis Takis
Useless Machine, Bruno Munari
Torre Vibrante Soto, Jesus Rafeal Soto
Zonal Harmonic, Tomas Saraceno
Mobile N*6, Xavier Veilhan
Sphere-Tram, Francois Morellet