'Me Somewhere Else'
2019, Blain Southern, London
A new artist discovered as I enter the Blain Southern gallery. 
Overwhelmed with the colour red, I was immediately immersed within an unfamiliar situation. I have no prior knowledge of Shiota, but this was most definitely an effective introduction.
The star of the show was the enlarged netted installation that was situated in a singular room of the gallery. A spectacular utilisation of space, light and shadow. Being able to walk underneath the artwork and look upwards allowed to the art to be viewed more effectively than say, a painting. I am more intrigued by looking at art that requires me to look from varying angles and even sometimes through as opposed to just 'at'. 
Ernesto Neto came to mind whilst viewing this piece and not just because of the materials. This expansive burst of colour and draping of the fabric covers the white gallery space, creating an otherworldly setting. Similarly to Neto's art.
The 'blood red' shade is a very wise choice as it creates a harmonious-romance of being the dominant detail, as it stands out proudly from the all-white surrounding.